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Lirael Mayfair
United Kingdom
Current Residence: London
Favourite genre of music: I like everything
Favourite style of art: Oil on canvas and photography
MP3 player of choice: My trusty iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Belle
I was bored, so yaah. Voilą!

1.Repost rules
2.Tag people correctly
3.You go to their page and comment that they are tagged
4.After you finish my questions add 5 more
5.There is no way out of it if you are tagged you have to do it.
6.Tag at least 3 people

1. Look at yourself. What are you wearing today? Describe it. (Not EVERYTHING, mind you.)
My mum's yellow dress and black cardigan. We wear each other's clothes....constantly.

2. The most interesting thing that you saw, heard, or did in the last 4.85738 days was?
Had a long discussion with my dad about some family history. I found out that one of my great grandfathers was an SS soldier, for which his family was subsequently exiled to Siberia. I never knew that, so it was very interesting knowledge indeed.

3. How tall are you in cubits? Don't forget to show your work~
I ain't doing no work! I am 5"11/180cm. Suck on that.

4. If you had to lose an appendage, which one might it be?
I suppose I could lose a little finger. Not that that's an invitation to fate.

5. Your favourite quote is:
"A dream is real for as long as it lasts. Can we say more of life?"

6. Favourite TV show?
BBC Sherlock

7. Favourite food?

8. Favourite book series?
Harry Potter, always <3

9. Have you tried to write a novel?
Several times

10. If yes to above, did you finish it?
Of course not, has anyone ever finished their "novel?"

11. Do you like waffles?
Stop making me hungry

12. Do you like pancakes?
I said, STOP making me hungry!

13. Do you like French toast?
I give up.

14. Do Do dodo Do Can't wait to get a mouthful,right?!!

15. What time is it?!

16. Yes it is!!!

My questions:

17. If you could do anything knowing that you would definitely succeed, what would you do?
Invent something that would enable me to fly. Superman style, I don't want to sit in an aeroplane or hang onto a parachute for dear life.

18. What's the last dream you remember having?
I was fighting aliens during the apocalypse. It felt amazing.

19. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?
I'm perfectly happy in London, I would never leave.

20. If you could master one skill, which would it be?
Ballet dancing. Or oil painting.

21. Dream holiday?
City break in New York. 5 star hotel, the works :D

I don't really know many people on DeviantArt so if by some miracle you are reading this, YOU ARE TAGGED!

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